Full Range of Damper Products – for Isolation, Modulation or Both

• Butterfly Dampers
• Guillotine Dampers
• Single Bank Louver Dampers
• Slide Gate Dampers
• Double Bank Louver Dampers
• Flap Type Dampers
• Fan Inlet Vane Type Dampers
• Flow Diverter Dampers

Flue Gas Solutions takes pride in custom designing our damper products to satisfy most all application requirements from simple air handling systems to the most adverse critical service conditions. Our dampers can be designed and manufactured to meet most any duct confi guration and service condition, always fully assembled and function tested prior to shipment, and if need be, broken down into shippable sizes for transportation to the site. Sealing efficiencies of our standard low-leak designs can be upgraded to provide tighter shut-off and with the addition of a seal air purging system provide zero-leakage across the closed blade(s). Special design attention is given even to the smallest components within the damper assembly to eliminate problem areas known to exist within the industry. We off er our damper drive systems, supplied to accommodate our customers’ preferred actuation manufacturer and type, ranging from simple gravity counterbalance types, manual lever arms and gearboxes to electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems with extra options such as remote control station panels, fail safe systems, and integration/connectivity to DCS or fieldbus communication systems.




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