Gas Turbine Exp Joints

Gas Turbine
Expansion Joints

Flue Gas Solutions Turbine Expansion Joints are designed to properly compensate for the thermal growth due to the severe and rapid temperature rise of gas turbines. Our goal is to design and manufacture economical, reliable, and trouble free equipment that will provide a long service life.

The hot side (externally insulated) mating frames are of like materials to the adjoining equipment fl anges for equal thermal growth. A low profi le (stand-off distance from hot liner and belt mounting fl ange) is important to prevent weld cracking and frame distortion due to the differential thermal expansion.

The cold side (internally insulated) transition frame is internally insulated to mate to the customer duct or other adjoining equipment. The hot floating alloy liners are independently attached to allow proper thermal growth, preventing
adverse effect to the cold side frame. The liners are mounted in short segments with an overlapping tab to allow longitudinal and independent thermal growth.

The flexible fabric belt is designed to withstand the full gas temperature. The materials used in
the build-up are individually selected from high quality, state of the art products to provide the
longest possible service life. A gas side, nonporous chemical barrier is added to prevent gas leakage. Th e fabric belt must not be externally insulated.

Special installation geometry acoustic insulation is wrapped in high temperature silica cloth and again encased in alloy wire to prevent erosion of the ceramic insulation. Special weld pin and clip mounting of the insulation envelope allows proper compression and retraction.


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