Fabric Exp Joints

Flue Gas Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric expansion joints are capable of absorbing multiplane movements simultaneously with very low spring rates. A variety of fabric materials may be selected to accommodate the required thermal moveme

nts, vibration, misalignment, corrosion and other specified environments.

A-STYLE: The A-Style expansion joint is

a belt and clamp supply to be installed over the existing duct or replacement on an existing joint frame. Flue Gas Solutio

ns can deliver emergency replacements for same day shipping anywhere in the world with proper dimensional information. Field service and installation supervision

is also available.

B-STYLE: The B-Style expansion joint is a hot molded fl ange design mounted on an existing duct fl ange. The joint material is either self sealed against the fl ange or gasketing is supplied depending on the application. This design provides an economical material and installation, eliminating the need for metal frame.


C-STYLE: The C-Style expansion joint is designed to accommodate large lateral movements and has a captive angle to help prevent dust accumulation in the joint
cavity. Th e floating angle is in

constant contact with the inlet liner and outlet frame during movements. Metal flexible seals, insulation and purge air may be added to prevent fines accumulation in the joint cavity.

The D-Style expansion joint is designed to accommodate large axial movements and may also include a captive angle. Th e belt geometry is a diaphragm type with special geometry at the corners of a rectangular joint for simultaneous axial and lateral movements. A cone shaped geometry is req

uired in the belt for round joint designs.

E-STYLE: The E-Style expansion joint features an overlapping liner for smooth gas flow and to protect the internal insulation and fabric belt from high velocity and/or abrasive particulate. Flue Gas Solutions designs the belt material for
the full gas temperature of the system.

EMOD-STYLE: The EMOD-Style expansion joint is similar to the above design, but is used in applications where external fastening of the frame and/or belting is preferred. Th e addition

al face-to-face (F/F) dimension may also be necessary to fill in a space where a metallic joint has been replaced.

F-STYLE: The F-Style expansion joint is an industry standard where a belt is mounted to a bent plate and/or angle frame. Many modifications to this basic design are used depending on the specifi c application.

FID or FOM-STYLE: (fabric inside duct or fabric outside metal) expansion joints are used to economically seal an existing metallic joint that has failed or is leaking due to metal fatigue or corrosion. Installation of the joint inside or outside the duct eliminates removal of the metallic joint and possible associated costly asbestos removal. This design may also be used in areas of difficult installation access.

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